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Microsoft Office 2021 - the latest Office software for business and home users

With Office 2021, the very latest version of the proven software suite from Microsoft is available in various editions for both professional and private users. Office 2021 Standard and Office 2021 Professional Plus in particular again offer a significant increase in functions as well as individual programs and extended functions and thus a particularly broad basis for handling the business tasks typical in modern companies: both in the creation and editing of texts and calculations with comprehensive collaboration on documents as well as the secure exchange of data through comprehensive security standards, including comprehensive communication with employees as well as business partners. These Office 2021 suites also take collaboration in the cloud - for example, in the home office - to a new level, for an even higher standard of functionality and efficiency.

The new versions Office 2021 Standard as well as Office 2021 Professional Plus again contain numerous optimizations and additions to the proven Office programs Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook as well as the additional applications available depending on the edition, especially in the joint editing of documents in real time as well as the secure exchange of data and information in the team, and with the feature Data Loss Prevention, they have a particularly high security standard at their disposal.

MS Office 2021 will be supplemented by the digital notebook OneNote and Microsoft Teams, which will replace Skype. The Office programs can also be used as Office Web Apps. Especially in the Professional Plus edition, users can also use the new MS Access for various analyses of data,

The Microsoft Office 2021 editions Standard and Professional Pro can be found after the official release in the mslicence Software Shop as used software - you will benefit from the lower price compared to the respective new product - just contact our team and find out when these Office editions will be available to you.

The following overview presents the already known functionalities of Office 2021 Standard and Professional Plus, as well as further innovations of this version that you can take advantage of.

Office 2021 - Classic Office applications - even more powerful in MS Office version 2021

In both the Standard and Professional Plus Editions, the classic individual applications Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook once again form the backbone of the new MS Office 2021 buy: they are supplemented by the digital notebook OneNote, MS Publisher and the communication tool Microsoft Teams. MS Access 2021 is also included exclusively in the Professional Plus edition.

The following overview briefly presents these Office programs and their special features. For the latest details on the additional features available in the MS Office 2021 Standard and Professional Plus Editions, please contact a member of the mslicence team.

    • Microsoft Word 2021 is one of the most important programs in all Office editions for creating a wide range of text documents for both professional and private purposes. In the current version, the text creation program provides even more comprehensive support for written correspondence - not only with its many formatting options and the integration of image and calculation elements, but also with various optimized features that make these tasks increasingly easier. These include the translation tool integrated into Word, a dictation function, and spelling correction including grammar correction. In addition, users can have texts read aloud to them while writing via the speech output tool, and the speech input function has also been further improved. With the Word Editor, word and spelling suggestions can be adopted directly with a click. The improved character recognition of text written with a digital pen also speeds up text entry. Also with the integration of pictures and diagrams there are extensions, like for example the integration of the Apple HEIC picture format without previous conversion, more complex SVG diagrams can be integrated into a Word document as well as also scaled and worked on, without needing more memory.
    • Microsoft Excel 2021 again provides a wide range of powerful functions and filters in the new Office version - these include dynamic arrays as well as the optimized XVERWEIS function, with which data can be comprehensively analyzed and further processed. For example, time axis filters can also be used, and various functions have been optimized especially for financial calculations; in addition, Excel again offers broad compatibility with the Comma Separated Values (CSV) file format.
    • As in the previous version,Microsoft PowerPoint 2021 again contains a wide range of design options for informative presentations and comprehensive reports. In addition to amazing effects such as morphing graphics and images for dynamic transitions, they can also be freely scaled in PowerPoint 2021 or animated using the zoom function. All animations can also be performed with a digital pen. Further, the Office application offers a speaker view of PowerPoint documents in the sharing options and with the Microsoft Forms communication tool, speakers can start a poll among the participants of the presentation.
    • Microsoft Outlook 2021 offers comprehensive tools for communicating not only with employees and business partners located locally within reach, but also for the global exchange of messages and data. Among other things, the automatic consideration of different time zones or the time difference makes it easier to plan joint appointments for meetings and discussions. Outlook 2021 also supports any number of e-mail accounts per user, which makes it easier to manage multiple accounts. In addition, a new dictation toolbar  is available in Outlook 2021, including enhanced voice commands and automatic punctuation when composing emails.

In addition to these proven Office applications, users of Office 2021 Standard or Professional Plus Edition can also use the following programs:

    • Publisher 2021 is the versatile tool for designing presentations and publications of various kinds, which are also printable; the current version also offers improved pen recognition as well as functions for professional graphics editing.
    • OneNote 2021 is the practical digital notebook for spontaneously recording ideas and sketches. It can be connected with other Office programs to implement them in it immediately.
    • Microsoft Teams replaces Skype. This allows messages in Outlook, for example, to be shared directly with other colleagues and partners.

Exclusively in the Professional Plus edition of MS Office 2021, users also have Access 2021 at their disposal:

    • Among other things,Access 2021 offers optimized deployment of various database applications: these can be run directly in the browser, which saves storage space and thus increases efficiency. The data stored in Access 2021 can also be made available, for example, backed up in a Microsoft SQL database.

Office 2021 - Comprehensive security features in Office 2021 Standard & Professional Plus buy

The security of documents and data is once again a key issue in the MS Office 2021 version, all the more so as the collaboration of many employees on projects in the cloud poses new challenges in protecting against the loss and disclosure of information.

For this purpose, the Group Policy Object (GPO) feature will probably be available again in Office 2021 for the administration of group policies, which are secured with ADMX files (so-called ADMinistrative XML Template Files). This can also be used to control the security settings of macros in external documents. Office 2021 Standard & Professional Plus can probably also be used on a terminal or remote desktop server; for more details, contact a mslicence representative.

Among the outstanding security features of MS Office version 2021 is the proven Data Loss Prevention (DLP) - for the comprehensive protection of confidential information or data from their targeted or unintentional disclosure by an employee. This is particularly useful for protecting sensitive data such as personal information in organizations or companies. DLP thus also fulfills the requirements of the DSVGO. All data movements are monitored using dynamic content-based control, and their transfer via e-mail or other Internet-based applications is blocked if there is a risk of data loss.

Data loss prevention allows administrators to create differentiated policies for accessing data defined as sensitive, restricting it partially or completely, and also alerting users to potential risks of data loss.

In MS Office 2021 Standard and Professional Plus, these rules can also be defined for individual programs: What information can be included or shared in a document, etc.

When using cloud services such as Microsoft OneDrive, data is thus not lost even in the event of a server failure or malfunctioning of an end device; users can access and edit it locally independently.

Office 2021 - Many general advantages of Microsoft Office 2021

In addition to these special features in the individual Office applications, MS Office 2021 Buy in the Standard and Professional Plus editions also impresses with many practical functionalities of a general nature, which, for example, support mobile working and intuitive team collaboration - to increase efficiency when creating documents, spreadsheets or presentations and also to facilitate communication between employees.

For example, users can also access many Office features on the move using a Windows-enabled smartphone or tablet - here, the web apps available in Office 2021 make it easier to access them; the clear arrangement of individual functions and elements makes it easy to edit documents on the move; it can also be used to open and share files in the cloud.

The new desktop interface of MS Office 2021 impresses with the even clearer display and arrangement of all elements; many applications can also be run in dark mode, which particularly supports eye-friendly work. The revised drop-down menu makes it easier to search for e-mails and documents - to do this, you can switch between a mailbox and an open folder with a click. The history menu in the desktop client also offers the option to return to the most recently visited locations. Phone numbers can also be masked to create more privacy and anonymity.

Also, all programs in MS Office 2021 buy support accessibility even more, for example, through the application of international standards and practical suggestions for making documents easier to understand, which also includes audio cues. A large selection of sounds also acoustically supports working with MS Office 2021.

Buy Microsoft Office 2021 Standard and Professional Plus at mslicence as used software store

The two new Microsoft Office 2021 editions Standard and Professional Plus will soon - after the official release - be available from mslicence as used software.

Thereby you profit from these advantages:

    • Original Microsoft software with valid License Key - instead of limited usable or limited trial versions.
    • The labeling as "used software" does not mean any restrictions in the functionality of the software.
    • Used software has been tested by mslicence for full usability before resale.
    • The trade and use of Microsoft used software is legal, because it is allowed by law.
    • When buying a used license from mslicence, you always purchase a legal and original Microsoft product.

If you have any questions about Microsoft Office 2021 Edition Standard or Professional Plus, just contact us via chat, phone or email.

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