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The Visio 2021 Standard Edition already covers all the requirements of small and medium-sized companies for creating professional visualizations with a high information content in typical business areas - whether for describing company structures, process flows or for planning premises and facilities.

The Professional Edition of Visio 2021 in particular offers larger organizations even more options for creating diagrams, including the use of extensive data. In addition, the various elements can also be linked to external databases to automatically keep the information they contain up to date. With the help of numerous templates - including UML and wireframe diagrams - Visio Professional can also be used to map IT systems and app structures.

You can buy the Visio 2021 Standard and Professional editions in the Mslicence Software Shop immediately after the official release as used software - thereby benefiting from their lower price compared to the respective available new software.

The following overview presents the most important new functionalities and features of Visio 2021 as well as the edition differences between the Standard and Professional Edition. For more information, simply contact one of our representatives.

New features in Visio 2021 known so far

MS Visio 2021 will basically show a modernized desktop view, e.g. with updated tabs in the ribbon. In particular, Visio 2021 is characterized by further improved support for collaboration, so that several people in a team can work on a diagram at the same time;, extensive options for managing information rights thereby ensure the security of the data used and prevent its unauthorized disclosure.

Specifically in Visio 2021 Professional Edition, users are also expected to have access to the following features:

    • New templates for creating network topologies as well as configuring virtual computers
    • Infrastructure shapes to Amazon Web Services (AWS)
    • New rich media content, with a library of stock images, icons, etc.
    • New shapes for planning workstations, including consideration of current guidelines for spatial distancing, as well as for visualizing crime scenes
    • Wireframe diagrams for mobile apps

For more information on MS Visio 2021, please contact a Mslicence representative.

Shapes, templates & diagrams - How easy it is to find your way around Visio 2021

The new Visio 2021 version once again provides users with an extensive collection of diagram types for visualizing a wide variety of structural models and processes as well as for plans, etc. Many of the shapes available in Visio 2021 are industry standard compliant - i.e. they contain binding information that allows further use of the diagrams for concrete implementation of the information they contain.

Diagrams and templates

For each type of diagram included in Visio 2021, various templates are available, which a user can further customize according to his specific needs. Visio 2021 also offers a pre-selection of general, frequently used start-up diagrams, such as organizational charts, to enable even inexperienced users to quickly get started with the software. This allows typical diagrams such as flow charts, workflows and timelines to be created quickly, while conforming to the Specification and Description Language (SDL) standard.

Shapes and templates

For further editing of the templates, the so-called shapes are available, individual elements with which a diagram is supplemented according to the individual requirements. A collection of shapes for a particular template is called a stencil by Microsoft Visio. The stencil itself does not denote a shape of its own.

Strictly speaking, a stencil contains only master shapes, i.e. these are only copied when they are inserted into a diagram, the original remains a fixed part of the stencil. This copying process can be repeated as often as desired.

A copied shape can then be further edited by the user in the concrete diagram. There are one-dimensional, two-dimensional and three-dimensional shapes. The type of shape can be recognized by the shape's handles, which can be used to change its shape and size. Some shapes are also "intelligent", i.e. they automatically connect with each other. This is the case with diagrams for spatial planning: Individual wall shapes connect immediately, instead of the borders between them having to be deleted manually by the user.

Editing shapes

To create or clarify relationships between shapes, they can simply be connected with lines. For emphasis or clarification, the lines can be marked in different colors, and the line type can also be set - e.g. thick, thin or dashed.

The shapes included in Visio 2021 Standard, as well as entire diagrams, can be further graphically edited using various design tools. Typical design options include adjustments to the style, thickness and color of the shape areas and lines - many fill colors are available here, as well as color gradients, transparencies and patterns; shadow, luminosity, reflection and 3D effects can also be used to make a shape stand out in particular.

The same applies to the text that can be added to a shape: This can be customized individually in terms of typography, style, size, etc. Shapes can either be written directly by hand, or text can be imported, e.g. from an Excel spreadsheet or an external database such as Exchange Server. The Visio 2021 Professional Edition in particular offers extended options here - also through the use of a Microsoft SharePoint Server - which also ensures that data or text in a diagram is automatically updated - eliminating the time-consuming re-editing or supplementing of complex diagrams in particular in order to bring them up to date.

Creation of custom master shapes

The master shapes contained in a template cannot be edited themselves, but only copied; however, it is possible to permanently save such an edited copy in turn as a new master shape in the "Favorites", so that it is immediately available for further diagrams.

Search for shapes

Of course, users in Visio 2021 can also create completely new diagrams or types from the available individual shapes according to their own ideas. To do this, the search function can be used to search for the appropriate master shapes. The results found for a particular search term are then displayed together with the shape name under which they are contained, so that they are quickly available.

Exclusive Visio 2021 Professional Edition diagram editing features

Only the Professional Edition of Visio 2021 has a number of specific enhancements to its features, including options for linking shapes to external data or data sources:

    • Dynamically link shapes to external sources such as Excel workbooks, Access databases, or Exchange Server directories, as well as Microsoft SQL Server or OLEDB or ODBC data sources - automatically updating the data linked to the shapes
    • Use of external images, CAD drawings and ClipArts or text and drawing tools
    • Individual option to add additional information to shapes
    • Additional templates for BPMN, SharePoint workflow and Six Sigma projects

Overview of diagram types - Buy MS Visio 2021

Among the variety of diagram types included in Visio 2021, which have also been supplemented by others in the new version, those used to describe processes are the most common. However, they also cover many other application areas.


Flowcharts now play a major role in the visualization of modern process descriptions. They are mainly used to mark the individual phases; this applies not only to projects, but also to concrete business as well as technical processes or procedures. Cross-functional flowcharts are available in Visio 2021 for cross-process diagrams, which also contain special forms such as business process diagrams for visualizing operational processes, as well as IDEF0 diagrams and BPMN diagrams as special forms, as used in particular in business informatics. Timeline diagrams, with which e.g. business processes can be represented in the course, also belong here. In addition, process flow diagrams are mainly used to represent chemical and industrial processes, including the equipment used.

Other frequently used diagram types - buy Visio 2021

Also commonly used in organizations and businesses are organizational charts to illustrate structures and hierarchies, along with sequence diagrams, communication diagrams, and activity diagrams that capture participants and interactions from specific aspects. For this purpose, state diagrams represent phases such as the product life cycle, while case-case or use-case diagrams illustrate these processes in development projects.

Especially when planning architectural structures - whether for space planning or information processes - Visio 2021 provides floor plans as well as building plans, which can also be used to plan infrastructures such as electrical circuits (IEEE-compliant) as well as pipelines, etc., while IT diagrams are used to illustrate the functions and roles of active directories, as well as databases, etc.

Exclusive diagrams of Visio 2021 Professional Edition

Visio 2021 Professional Edition in particular contains two additional types of diagrams that are especially important when planning IT communications:

    • UML diagrams visualize relationships and components in ports and interfaces in particular. The underlying graphical modeling language UML - Unified Modeling Language - is used to depict and document software components as well as specifications and designs. Thus, a UML class diagram can be used to create a static view of a system, including the relationships between individual objects, as opposed to a UML component diagram, which illustrates the relationships of components as well as the structure of a code. UML deployment diagrams, in turn, represent the configurations of hardware and software elements, while UML sequence diagrams can illustrate interactions between involved actors and objects.
    • Database notation diagrams , on the other hand, as a separate type, can be used to create a graphical model of a database (Entity Relationship Model or ERM).

Buy Visio 2021 Standard and Professional editions from Mslicence as Microsoft used software

The new editions Standard and Professional of Visio 2021 are already available at Mslicence as used software. Thereby you profit from these advantages:

    • The trade and use of Microsoft used software, such as the Visio 2021 Edition, is legal, because it is allowed by law.
    • When you purchase a Visio 2021 Edition from Mslicence, you are buying an original, fully functional Microsoft software - and not a limited-use or time-limited trial version.
    • The description of a Microsoft Visio 2021 Edition by Mslicence as "used software" does not imply any restrictions on the functionality of this Visio software.
    • Used software of a Visio 2021 Edition - buy Standard or Professional - has also been tested by Mslicence for full usability before resale.
    • Thus, when buying Mslicence used software, you always acquire a legal and at the same time original Microsoft Visio 2021 product.

If you have any further questions about Microsoft Visio 2021 or any other used Microsoft software, please contact us via chat, phone or e-mail.

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